Old Territory, old names, same town

Even before, Silang is a vast territory in the province of Cavite. Its old jurisdiction covers today’s municipalities of Indang, General Trias and Maragondon which was Silang’s barrios then; with Masilao (Amadeo) and Mendez as it was sitio’s of Indang, Sta. Cruz de Malabon (Tanza) as it was once part of San Francisco de Malabon (General Trias) and Magallanes and Ternate as it was once part of the locale of Maragondon. During 17th century, Silang comprised a territory of over 60, 000 hectares.

silang mapStill talking about jurisdiction, it was not purely civil in nature but more of religio-political. Territories’ establishment are classified two-ways:  Fundacion Ecclesiastica and its consequent Fundacion Civil. Lands in the province, although under the presence of a colonial civil authority was really under the subtleties of stalwart missionaries (Jesuits and Recollects). Their mission covers the aforementioned localities which in turn becomes an identifiable territorial jurisdiction. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that jurisdiction of Silang covers entirely of what is known today as the 3rd District of Cavite and some parts of the second.

In Fr. Cornelio Matanguihan’s, A Short History of the Parish of Saint Gregory the Great in Indang Cavite, Philippines, the barrio of Indang was granted separation in 1655. The locals of Indang found it difficult to conduct business and to attend religious services in the poblacion of Silang given the distance. This led to a petition for the conversion of the barrio into a town.  In 1727, barrio Maragondon separated which was under the Recollects then.  San Francisco de Malabon (General Trias) became a town in 1748. Barrio Latag or Carmona today became a separate municipality on 1857. Masilao or Amadeo was still a barrio of Silang until 1872 when it became a separate municipality.

Sitio- Spanish word for a place, a site or location: by jurisdiction, it is a cluster of houses in a secluded and sometimes obscure area but identified with the nearest barrio or today, a barangay.
Barrio- is the smallest unit of territory and known as a barangay today. Multiple barrios (barangays) comprises the unit of pueblo or town (municipality)

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