18th Century Treasures

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Temporalidades is a compilation of documents in the Philippine National Archives recording the inventory of Jesuit churches in the colony. In 1768, the King of Spain expelled the Society of Jesus from its colonies.  All the jesuit church’s treasures were inventoried and most of the religious treasures were handed over to the Archiodiocese of Manila. The inventory is the Temporalidades document.

Silang had been under the Jesuits for more than a century. The current church’s simplified baroque structure and ornate retablos were made under the direction and supervision of Fr. Juan de Salazar in mid 17th century. The inventory is interesting not on the (impossible) probability of getting  back the items  as these are most probably already lost; but it will provide the readers some information on Silang’s degree of wealth in 18th century.

The following are translations made by Mr. Michael Francisco of Cavite Historical Studies.

Here we can have a glimpse of Silang’s 18th century ecclesiastical treasures.



Jurisdiction of Cavite
Third and Fourth Class

Folder 6 Number 26

Folder 20 Number 28

Second Class
Of the jewels that do not have direct physical contact with the most holy but were used in workmanship for the ordinary functions or the more religious ceremonies

Jewelries of the
Church/ Congregation

Town of Silan (excerpt)

One image of Our Lady a cuarta y media vara in height with face and wooden hands dressed up completely in silver wrought, with imperial crown of gold inlaid with various ordinary stones and supported on both sides by two small angels and a small golden face made with inlaid gold filigrees and adorned with various ordinary stones, and fine pearls, and on both ends a golden pendant, four pieces each, with a two-string necklace of pearls and on the hands are two two-string bracelets of fine pearls.

temporalidades. national archives

One hallow cross of silver a cuarta vara in height.

Two small faces and two knives of silver, one big and one small of the Virgin of Sorrrows

One image of Our Lady with face and ivory hands two tercia varas in height, with crown and a small face of silver, adorned with various ordinary stones, a pair of golden hoes embossed with ordinary stones, with fine pearls; a fine two-string gold chain in antique workmanship of more than one cuarta vara in length, and four bands of ordinary stones enclosed in gold.

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