Retablo Series. Saint Gabriel

Gabriel | גַּבְרִיאֵל | Gavri’el  | Γαβριήλ | ገብርኤል | جبريل | جبرائيل | Jibril | Jibra’il

saint-gabriel“God is my strength”

The angel of the annunciata relief in Silang’s 400-year old retablo is located on the first level, first from the right declaring to Mary the good news of conception. Often portrayed in visual arts dressed in flowing white belted tunic  and holding a lily, Gabriel seemingly floats in the composition with Chinese-style clouds supporting its stance. With a youthful glance and dark curly locks, the angel gave a serene gaze to the Virgin in meditation, contemplating her announced mission.

Gabriel is both acknowledged in the Old and New Testaments as the messenger of God. The angel spoke to Daniel in deep sleep and in prayer revealing to him the visions. The messenger also appeared to Zacharias announcing John (the Baptist) conception to his barren wife Elizabeth.

Silang celebrates the Feast of Saint Gabriel in the Sabutan, a barangay located north of Poblacion on September 29. Previously, the feast was celebrated on March 24 but in 1969 the September observance was promulgated together with the feast of Sts. Michael and Raphael.