An Artistic Tribute to the Immaculate Conception


Carved in the central baroque cartouche of the Silang Church altar is the image of Mary attributed to the style of Immaculate Conception. Dressed in simple white tunic wrapped in flowing blue mantle in prayerful stance, the image stands on a small wooden peana (base).

The altar containing the Immaculate Conception can be divided into 15 parts: 13 vertical and 2 horizontal. The larger top frieze is accentuated with floriated motif broken by five medallions. The lower panel is a series of ringed swags and flowers alternated with cherubim or a head of an infant between a pair of wings.


The Virgin on the central panel is decorated floral scrolls on top and on the bottom of the heraldic cartouche. On either side are two baroque bouquets defined with sinuous S curves and a vase-like cartouche panel are divided with breaks of varying vertical floral bands, thus, creating six vertical compositions on each side of the centerpiece.


Such “breaking” of composition tamed the grandiloquent face of the altar making it more reserved than the usual turning, flowing, reversing and graceful curving of floral elements typical of the exuberant aesthetics of the baroque style.


The altar in the 1980s from the Filipinas Heritage Library Collection.


A 2012 photograph, altar cloth covered the beautiful horizontal panels of the altar.


A 2016 photo file of the altar submitted to the CCP Encyclopedia for the Arts.