An Artistic Tribute to the Immaculate Conception

Carved in the central baroque cartouche of the Silang Church altar is the image of Mary attributed to the style of Immaculate Conception. Dressed in simple white tunic wrapped in flowing blue mantle… Continue reading

Retablo Series. Saint Francis Xavier

His image is carved as a hardwood relief, located at the first level, the first frame from the left of the Epistle altar. The polychrome work was a Jesuit memorial depicting the bearded… Continue reading

Retablo Series. Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Relief in hardwood, the image of St. Catherine of Alexandria is located on the first level,the  first frame from the left, Gospel altar. The polychrome relief features the virgin and martyr whose feast… Continue reading

Retablo Series. The Quest for the Unknown Saint

Five years ago, three saints were left unidentified in my graduate thesis. The goal then was to properly name all the saints in my hometown’s (Silang) retablo, explore  their iconography, present their hagiography… Continue reading

Retablo Series. Saint Therese of Avila

The image can be found as a 17th century hardwood relief, located on the first level, middle frame, Gospel altar of the Silang Church. The polychrome artwork featured the Carmelite nun in brown… Continue reading

Retablo Series. Saint Francis Borgia

Depicted on a relief in hardwood, located on the first level, third frame from the left, Epistle altar of the church. A Jesuit memorial in the altars of Silang, the polychrome relief features… Continue reading

Retablo Series. Saint Gabriel

Gabriel | גַּבְרִיאֵל | Gavri’el  | Γαβριήλ | ገብርኤል | جبريل | جبرائيل | Jibril | Jibra’il “God is my strength” The angel of the annunciata relief in Silang’s 400-year old retablo is… Continue reading


    Welcome to the virtual museum of Silang, Cavite, an online venue to showcase the rich local history of one of the oldest towns of the Philippines. This will provide viewers with a glimpse of a forgotten world highlighting various changes in society, government, culture and rural landscape. Its virtual gallery brings together old photographs courtesy of the local people, from antiquarian books and private collections, and the National Archives. It also offers the local community a venue to discuss local history and to fill in the vacuum of information on the internet on local historical heritage. Contributors are very much welcome to join in this historical venture.

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    Phillip L. Medina, a Silangueno
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