Memoria General 1891

Memoria General de la Provincia de Cavite en el año de 1891 is a record from a bulk of papers more popularly known as the Memorias series of documents in the Philippine National… Continue reading

Encomienda and Early Missions

This is a document written by Geronimo de Alcaras, a secretary and notary public of the Church of Manila whose responsibility is to record books and documents under the possession of the church… Continue reading

Silang’s Early Accounts Part 4, Local Miracles

The last part talks about their healing miracles attributed to the powers of catholic faith, i.e. the use of the cross, reliquaries, blessed beads and statues particularly that of St. Ignatius to cure… Continue reading

Silang’s Early Accounts Part 3, Silang Baptized

Perhaps the Jesuits’ ability to cure the sick was so widespread that they were able to increase the number of converts embracing village after village for baptismal ceremonies. Indan (Indang) was mentioned as… Continue reading

Silang’s Early Accounts Part 2, The Mission Experience

From the first part, the local people of Silan was described as simple, tractable, and well inclined toward all good things and they easily converted them to Christianity. However, it was not that… Continue reading

Silang’s Early Accounts Part 1, The Jesuit Mission

A Jesuit priest recorded Silang’s early history as a colonial mission. The following paragraphs show some basic facts about Silang: location, population and general conditions. We can also get a glimpse of the… Continue reading


    Welcome to the virtual museum of Silang, Cavite, an online venue to showcase the rich local history of one of the oldest towns of the Philippines. This will provide viewers with a glimpse of a forgotten world highlighting various changes in society, government, culture and rural landscape. Its virtual gallery brings together old photographs courtesy of the local people, from antiquarian books and private collections, and the National Archives. It also offers the local community a venue to discuss local history and to fill in the vacuum of information on the internet on local historical heritage. Contributors are very much welcome to join in this historical venture.

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