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silang day 2007 009.retoxArrabal means suburb in Spanish. The picture was probably taken from the church tower as this was the only high structure in the town. Frederico Monteverde files Campaña en Filipinas.

Silang PuebloPerhaps a mistake, since in any angle Silang will not have a mountain behind it. Frederico Monteverde files Campaña en Filipinas.

01092009370Una Calle de Silan, perhaps the oldest photograph there is capturing the early ruralscape of Silang in late 19th century. Monteverde file. Interestingly, H.T. Ellis in his various travels in the Philippines in 1859, described Silan as a place of “…unusual air of neatness, cleanliness, and comfort, with little railed gardens in front of the nipa houses, and footpaths on either side of the regular, well-laid roads forming the streets…” His narration fits the picture so well.

01092009374Barrio de Pooc, a view of barangay Pooc (east of town). Note that the houses constructed on higher elevation. Perhaps the photograph was taken from the area of Hukay or Lumil.


The Church of Silang from the Belamide collection.

1904 book La Virgen Maria Venerada en Sus Imagenes Filipinas 1.2

Silang Church c.1904, taken from 1904 book La Virgen Maria Venerada en Sus Imagenes Filipinas, University of Sto. Tomas Archives

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Municipal Hall of Silang taken in the 90s. Probably constructed circa mid-30s it is one the civic oldest structure in the town. (Unabia: Silang, Pananampalataya at Kasaysayan, 2000)

Silang Hall late 90s

Another photo of the Municipal Hall with the park prior to its current rehabilitation, c. late 90s

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